B.A.P Zelo BNT News Interview #1 Uploaded by kpoplover1215 on 02/09/12. Album: B.A.P







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neha200 reacted: Cute
kpoplover1215 reacted: Cute, Hearts, LOL
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bookworm37 reacted: Cool, Cute, Hearts, LOL, Win
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04/27/12 2:19 am

Posts: 1295, Level: 5, Pins: 6

EXP | +Friends | PM

y u so cute >///<

04/16/12 8:08 pm

Posts: 2249, Level: 7, Pins: 3

EXP | +Friends | PM

Awwww so cuteeee <3

03/21/12 10:42 pm

Posts: 498, Level: 4, Pins: 4

EXP | +Friends | PM

lol cute froggy pose?

03/21/12 8:47 pm

Posts: 3377, Level: 7, Pins: 15

EXP | +Friends | PM

Amg hes so adorableeeeeee <3

03/21/12 6:31 pm

Posts: 196, Level: 3, Pins: 2

EXP | +Friends | PM

He's soo cute >.< <3

02/29/12 6:54 pm

Posts: 194, Level: 4, Pins: 3

EXP | +Friends | PM

it has to be illegal to be this cute X33333

02/11/12 12:04 pm

Posts: 8878, Level: 9, Pins: 13

EXP | +Friends | PM

awwaahhhh Zelo baby keke <3

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